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New_Age_White_Bottles_mainWhat if I told you that you CAN PUT ICE in your wine!  Actually with New Age White and Rose’ wines we encourage it!  

Your eyes do not deceive you.  We want you to put ice in your New Age white or Rose the squeeze a lime, orange or lemon in it.  The slight effervescent in the wine makes it the perfect summer cooler while your on the patio or by the pool.  

Created in Argentina this wine is the hit of  Buenos Aires Clubs.  Or if you like Sangria, you can make many different drink recipes with New Age.  Sangria, Martinis, even a Mojito!  Below is a a few recipes that restaurants and bartenders have created.  Got a new one?  Send it over.  We’d love to try it!

The Original Buenos Aires Drink – “Tincho” 

Fill a rocks glass with ice add New Age White to cover add a wedge of lime
Or use the New Age Rose with a slice of lemon.

Blood Orange Sangria

6oz  New Age Rose poured over ice.
½ tsp Simple Syrup (if wanted)
Pour 2 oz of Orange Juice down center of ice – Do Not Stir
Garnish with an Orange and Lime Slice 

New Age Belini

New Age White with blended white peaches and raspberries

 New Age Martini

Fill Martini glass with New Age White  Add a splash of Raspberry Di Amore’

 New Age Mojito

3 fresh mint sprigs
1 oz – ice wine (in place of simple syrup)
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
3+ oz New Age White 

New Age Cooler – Big Easy Style

1 ½ oz Right Gin
4 oz New Age
a big splash of cranberry juice
a wedge of lime. Poured not stirred 

New Age Sangria

Fill pitcher with ice
Add slices of orange, strawberries, lime, apples
Pour in one bottle of New Age Rose
Add Gran Marnier if desired. 

Piazza Tincho

Fill a rocks glass with ice
add New Age White to cover
add a teaspoon of Bauchant Pomegranate
add a wedge of lime.

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