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Mettler Family Vineyards

This wine brought be back to loving Zinfandel.  I had a love affair with Zinfandels – predominately Dry Creek Valley, CA Zinfandels.  Yes, I was in love with the big fruit bomb, high alcohol wines about 3 years ago, since then my pallet has really changed as everyone’s does.  I am truly loving the midpallet flavors as well as a long giving finish.  Sounds a little geeky and might confuse a few of you.   Let me explain just a little.  As you take a sip of wine typically the front part of you tongue will immediately get the fruity “sweet” flavors, your “mid pallet” or middle of your tongue will typically pick up the salty/acidic type flavors and once you swallow is when the “finish” then unfolds and flavors on your tongue will change and more flavors will open.Tongue Map

So thinking along these lines, I will explain this incredible first release Zinfandel (2006)  from the Mettler Family of Lodi.  Aromas unfold of ripe blackcherry, expresso, spice and vanilla drawing you with expectations of more.  At first sip the front of your tongue immediately receives the blackberry, ripe black cherry and on your mid pallet comes the anise and dense tannins with juicy acidity that becomes very smooth at the finish.  Once you swallow, wait – the changes come and my favorite flavor comes through with “burnt sugar” – like the top of creme brulee’ and then some nice spice. 

Remember just a little rule – don’t use the first sip as your tasting sipGive your pallet at least 3 sips to acclamate to the wine before you start writing tasting notes.  And remember no one’s pallet is the same – if you get different flavors let me know.  Not everyone knows “anise” or “burnt sugar” flavors.  So be patient with your pallet.

A little note about the Mettler Family – 7 Generations have been farming the same land in Lodi, CA.  First began making wines 1999 with a Petite Sirah and a Cabernet Sauvignon from their family vineyards.  And they were selling the fruit from the 50 year old Zinfandel vines to other winemakers.  In 2006, the family decided to create their own Zinfandel wine and 7th generation: Adam Mettler, winemaker,  has done his family very proud with this first release!  For under $20 retail this wine is an elegance and finesse that is usually only found in $30-$40 Zinfandels.  If you haven’t tried Lodi wines you are missing out.  Good values and truly great wines.

In Arizona you can find Mettler Wines at AZ Wines, Brix Wine Salon – Carefree, Brix Restaurant – Flagstaff, Ground Control – Avondale and Barrio Restaurant – Paradise Valley. 

This weekend I am working on a Zinfandel Braised Short Rib recipe to pair with this wine.  I have found 3 sauces that might work so I am testing them out.  Once we have found one I will post it.

Tastings:  We will be doing a tasting with Kim Mettler, (Marketing Department) and her husband Jason Eells (vineyard manager) in Arizona this month:

  • AZ Wines Scottdale Airpark Thursday April 23 5pm – 7pm
  • AZ Wines South Scottsdale Friday April 24 5pm – 8pm
  • Vino 100 Cave Creek – Saturday April 25th 3pm – 5pm
  • Brix Restaurant in Flagstaff – Sunday April 26th – Time TBA
  • AZ Wines South Scottsdale – April 27th 3pm – 6pm  – Industry Tasting   

Oh and did I mention – Organically Grown Grapes? – Yep this wine has it all!  More information at: www.creativewinesintl.com .

Cheers – Jill