My first dip into a blog of my own.  I have written for others but never for myself!  I look forward to hearing from other wine “geeks” like me.  “Geek”, a well used wine term, really is not what you think.  I call myself a geek because  wine is a hobby and I like to know a little more than just the vintage and varietal.  Learning the details of each wine, winery, winemaker, vineyard dynamics, and etc is exciting and fun.  And explains a lot of the what I like / or dislike about the wine.

So as I write my first post to the Wine Mecca Blog I am enjoying a glass of a new Malbec I found from an Argentina producer: Valentin Bianchi “Famiglia” 2006  – San Rafael, Mendoza.  Inky and dark with full fruit flavors of ripe plums and berries yet soft and silky with a long lingering finish of cedar and leather.  Smooth and delicious.  I found mine at WineStyles – Tatum & Shea Paradise Valley,AZ – around $19 – if I remember right.

Keeping  it short and sweet tonight – Let me know if you tried it.  Or what other Malbecs you have tried.